david g. burnet park .
David G. Burnet Memorial Park is a 6.3 acre park located east of the Lynchburg Ferries north landing . This historic park is named after David G. Burnet, first President of the Republic of Texas . In addition to conventional park amenities there is an educational plaza, historical marker, plaques and kiosks emphasizing the history of the park as Burnet's home site and the shared history with the Lynchburg ferry and San Jacinto battleground . On site is pavilion replica of the Burnet homestead . It was completed in 2011 at a cost of over 2 million dollars .

The landscape architectural firm of Clark Condon & Associates hired Brave / Architecture to design the physical structures of the park . As the project manager for Brave I led the efforts in the buildings design and documentation . The buildings design was heavily influenced by Venturi Scott Brown and Associates Franklin House in Philadelphia. The main pavilion is a minimalistic representation of David Burnet's actual Dog Trot residence . The covered picnic structures are representative of the homesteads slaves quarters along with the residence's kitchen . Historical plaques and displays are incorporated within each structure .The team worked extensively with Clark Condon and D|G Studios, the wayfinding and graphics consultant, to ensure a seamless concept between landscaping, buildings, and information .

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